For 4~12-year-old childrenLearning materials for thinking sense
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Think! Think! App is a teaching material

that brings together the findings of the cram school,"Hanamaru group",

which has been working on the critical thinking education for more than 20 years.

We have been focusing on "thinking sense"

which is important not only for exam

but also for children's future career.

Purpose of this app

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Developing children's critical thinking skill

The thinking ability is important to grow children who keep growing, not making good grades by studying for occasions. Therefore, not only simple calculations but also many questions questioning the thinking ability tend to appear in various entrance exams such as he one for junior high school. Furthermore, the thinking ability is also sought in the society to deal with human relationship or work.

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Acquiring “thinking sense”

We believe the best way to develop “thinking sense” is to lead them to love thinking. Of course we aim to help your children perform better on this application. However, we strongly hope that children start to think by themselves even outside of this app, finding new problems in their daily lives and trying to think of a solution themselves.

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Letting children love learing and thinking

To aquire "thinking sense", the best way is to think by oneself and gain successful experiences in learning in childhood.


Amazing quizzes that are both educational and fun

We provide high quality intuitive quizzes which give children

plenty of “A-ha!” “Got it!” moments.

The developer of this application is from a top-class private after-school cram school in Japan

from a top-class private after-school cram school in Japan

which focuses on developing “thinking sense.”

The developer also provides quizzes

to the world biggest online mathematics contest,

the “Global Math Challenge,” organized by SONY.

Quiz developer team members are

professionally trained students of the University of Tokyo.

Simple and sophisticated design improved through teaching children in public school/orphanages

in Asian countries such as the Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia and so on.

Acquiring “thinking sense”

The thinking senses such as “being able to observe additional lines clearly (= a route to solve questions) and “being able to image a solid in the brain and operate it freely” are the senses which we can nurture most effectively in the childhood up to ten years old. These are the basis of abstraction thinking, are also generally called “a head for nature”. This material does not force children to obtain pleasant sensation of “work” like some brain training application, instead, it is designed to allow children to challenge questions with joy by applying constant load to their brains and imaging solids and the like.

Children can enjoy without being forced

This application contains over 2000 questions from twenty genres, which do not bore children. Such questions will be added after the release as needed. In addition, ideas such as the limited number of plays for three minutes up to three times per day, the system like games giving children medals or points, the observing system which children can understand their own growth in the play history screen, and the provision of questions which are appropriate for each child, enable children to keep using this application with playful minds.

※However, to accumulate the ultimate “I got it experience”, “a special sense” to children is also important. It is not necessary to work on this application every day when children are not feeling like working on it.

10min. per day

Time constraints(3play/day) prevent children from declining eyesight and getting tired. Children can work on this app willingly and parents do not have to check children's answers. So parents need not to force their children nor attend them all the time.


Introduced to 2 public schools in Takeo city, Saga Pref.

Introduced to public school in Kitaaki, Nagano Pref. where investment in education has been active

Used in special class for Thinking sense held by Hanamaru(major cram-school for elementary school children, which has 20000 members)

Used in volunteer classes in Laos and Cambodia


Think!Think! has got good evaluations from teachers and users.

Teachers in Japanese public schools leading educational innovation and famous private schools are highly acclaiming!

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Public school inTakeo, Teacher

I'm surprised to see children concentrated and enjoying this App. Children have been increasing their score these past months.

At first, I wondered if students could think carefully while they were only gazing at screen, however, when I took closer look at them, their thoughts were appeared in their gestures. Surely this app encourage children to think positively.

Reviewer e5c802132b843a703d97cd6302f762852864973ada7aa5a4e804708580509d73

Famous private junior high school teacher

“Setbacks in math in the junior high school or the high school tend to come from setbacks in the elementary school or temporary study. Think! Think! Is a great study material focusing on acquiring an attitude as ‘I want to understand by thinking myself.’”

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Test user C

(a mother of five-year-old girl)

“My girls enjoys getting medals every day with a mixture of pleasure and anxiety! I am relieved because this application has the ten-minute limit per day. I observe her growth because her grade gradually gets better.”

Reviewer e5c802132b843a703d97cd6302f762852864973ada7aa5a4e804708580509d73

Test user R

(a mother of ten-year-old boy)

“I didn’t think my boy could concentrate on this application so much. We are both working and constantly busy but it has the ten-minute limit system per day which easily enables us to observe him. It has been two months since he has started playing it. He checks his “Record” screen and has been highly motivated.”

How to use


5 play trials

3 play per day

Up to three (3) can use this content for one (1) created account by registering a user’s information in this application. In this case, usage of this content or this service by each user shall be deemed as joint usage by each user and users.

See "Records"

Users can confirm their score in "Records".



Target Age

4~12-year-old children


Learning material for thinking sense

The price changes according to the exchange rate.

Each user can play 3 times per day.

Recommended environment

iOS/Android tablet

Also available on Smartphones

Internet access required

Due to device issues, this app is not available on some devices.

(Unity stopped supporting non-Neon devices like Tegra-2.)

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The Representive Director Kei Kawashima

This specialized app for the development of thinking is designed with novelty, so it may appear that this is for elite training. We believe that this app can greatly improve the skill of even excellent children, however, the primary purpose of this app lies elsewhere.

I have met a lot of children and their parents through my career in Hanamaru Group (cram school for elementary school children).

During that time, I got to know that the most important thing for the growth of children is the sense of self-affirmation based on the selfless love from their family...


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