Message from App Producer

This specialized app for the development of thinking is designed with novelty, so it may appear that this is for elite training. We believe that this app can greatly improve the skill of even excellent children, however, the primary purpose of this app lies elsewhere.

I have met a lot of children and their parents through my career in Hanamaru Group (cram school for elementary school children).

During that time, I got to know that the most important thing for the growth of children is the sense of self-affirmation based on the selfless love from their family.

Sense of self-affirmation leads to self-confidence, and the self-confidence offers the first step to solve difficult problems, as children can take things in their stride, like "I can get through this.", "I will make it somehow.".

We have provided support to foster homes in Japan and orphanages overseas because children who do not live with their family are those who we would like to offer better education.

Children living in facilities had trouble in calculation and literacy, but the big essential issue was that they were lack of the confidence in learning. They felt uneasy while seating, and were so afraid of failure that they were not willing to do anything it may fail, even if it was rock-paper-scissors.

Then, paper teaching materials (maze or puzzle) , which is the prototype of this app, were made and given to these children.

Through the routine visit and continuous trials and errors, this teaching material has evolved into something meaningful for children all over the world. Flower marks are given and they are approved as "you made a gallant effort”. Such simple praise made them excited more than they ever experienced before.

Until now, there have been as many as 10,000 children who used these teaching material.

And I am still driven by the hope of delivering this excitement and their smiles to more children in the world now, and have been improving this teaching material and visiting middle and elementary schools at home and abroad.

In this way, the teaching materials originally made for children without mothers and families turned out to be able to make a lot of sense for all the children from all over the world.

Then, we established the Hanamaru Lab and performed research classes to ordinary children we recruited, and this application was finally completed after repeated improvement.

We have gained confidence through trials at home and abroad where children enjoyed this app and engaged in with glittering in their eyes. The effect is just as the description made separately.

Our dream is to realize the society where "all the children can be independent in the future and enjoy their lives through proper education".

Including words and calculations abilities, communication skills, etc., there are so many aspects I would like to work on, but I think the most important point is the driving force of learning and the idea of "thinking is fun", and this app has been packed with the trigger.

It's hard to say that this publication can reach every child or provide them with all the necessary points, but I would like to swear to continue the work started by this publication and deliver the idea of this app as well as proper education to all the children around the world in the future.

Hanamaru Lab CEO Kei Kawashima

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